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Member Name Log in  to post comments for Paul Ricard (short) 1988 Date
 GuidoPigorsch  Nice Track. 2008-08-19
 francesco  Beautiful track like Montrevolt,but ,question for Oliver,is not possible to do also the long track?
 Alexwan  Track is a beautiful, but class="hps">has problems with running online.
Use in the MyBroga league and of
40 runners occurred freeze them to but of half without they can finish the race.
The server My Broga is the best ones to run online.
 Alexwan  Es un track bellisimo, pero tiene problemas para correr online.
Se uso en la liga MyBroga y de 40 corredores dio freeze a mas de la mitad. />No pudimos terminar la carrera.
Los server MyBroga son los mejores para correr online.