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 X-Radiator  A deceptively track. It looks pretty straight forward, but can be frustrating in a good way to get a good lap.Some corners are made for trail
braking and so would be good to practice that on this track. Decent graphics but I expected something more in the "background". It just seemed to
lack some touches to  immerse you in the period.
 Bill  Fantastic Track, a must have!!
 dangermouse  This is a track that certainly benefits from F Caballero's great addon. You can get the addon by clicking the SRMZ

 between4and30characters  A classic circuit.  More fun in the F2 or '65 cars, you'll learn it in ten minutes and never master it. 2010-04-29
 SPIRITOFBROOKLANDS  Vehicles seem to pull to the right on this track!!! Not sure how to prevent that. 2010-10-18

I can't access the download at all. is there another location for downloading this track.



 221teddy  There is a contemporary texture update available at one of the srmz forums providing much better immersion.