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 burney  Nice track, but I can't find that cobblestone part shown in the screenhots, although I downloaded the elite version. Moreover, there
seems to be something wrong with the trck file. I'm playing against AI drivers; After the first lap, I'm in the lead - but the signal tells me I'm in
position two, with no more laps to go. In the last lap, the sign tells me I'm in position one; after the race, most drivers are one lap behind -
though I didn't see any one of them during the race. Any ideas how to fix this?

Any chance of uploading this file again. GPL Alternative Track Database doesn't link to the download


 221teddy  Incredible track of the pre war era and the early days of post war Grand Prix (until 1954). Challenging to drive but a lot of fun. There exist several
graphic and texture updates out there and a compilation of the best textures by Ginetto at the srmz forums ("small update").