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Hi there,

I would like to thank you very much for such a magnificent track. I am using it to train for my real experience with the track
next Tuesday 13 May 2008 when I will race the Reynard 98. See

I have done a BMW course and last year drove an
Alfa GT on this Kyalami track. I only can say that it is astonishing real. It is like being on the car!!

Next week, hopefully everything will
go ok, I´ll leave another comment about my experience and how it relates to GPL.

By the way I am training with the GPL1969 mod so the
cars have got wings, like the Reynard.


Looking forward to seeing your reply :)

Hi Bill and other readers!

Yes, I raced the Reynards. Fantastic! Awsome! I never thought that I could drive at that speed
but I must say that the actual driving on the track and the simulation are incredible close!! I did not make a single mistake with the racing lines
because of that..

Although the actual track does not have a darker path showing the racing lines like in the simulator, for me it
was like it was painted. That gave me so much confidence. Also I knew exactly which gear to use. The Reynards are 6 speed gearboxes but you do
not use the 6th, so again the gears were a perfect match.

Also, I was quite careful braking in with sufficient time, turning rather slower
and gettting out faster. Exactly like in the simulator. Also because what I experienced in the sim, I rather used a bit lower than full rpm´s,
like 50-80% rather than 80-100%. In terms of speed I was right in the middle of the pack. Not the fastest but not the slowest.

A friend
of mine clocked the times with his phone but ran out of memory. So the fastest he measured was 2m39 and the last 2 or 3 laps I was faster. Guess what?
In the GPL I was doing 2m40 when able to do several laps without incident. I can do 2m12 in the Sim but then I crash....

The feelings in
turns 7 & 8 are exactly the same. I really went fast in the mineshaft, only lifting, not braking, before turning in turn 10 at about 200km/h.
I NEVER would have had the confidence without the simulation. Turn 11 and the chicane: Exactly the same feeling. I was very careful with Turns 12
and Turn 1 as again the feeling is the same and I knew they were the ones I had to be extra careful. 

Well I am going to put
a few pictures on My car was
Nº 72.

Ah, the diference between a simulated 1969 F1 and a Reynard 98 is that the Reynard is much more stable and easier to drive. The
braking is easier too. I never locked a wheel.

I thought I did the one in a lifetime thing (I´m 60 years old) but guess what? these
people now bought two Jordans F1 1999.... Something to think about!