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I have a copy of Indy Car Racing 2, I have downloaded Dave Noonan's Track Converter but I still can't load
Elkhart Lake/Road America onto Grand Prix Legends. I can't get the track converter to start working although I have so far succeeded in
getting some 60-70 tracks successfully installed on GPL. Why is this track such a problem ?  Is there anyone out there who can tell me
how to sort it ?


 racerbarry  Some very kind person at MirrorZone sent me the Elkart Lake/Road America file after my previous comments/problems. It worked without a problem and it
is a superb track - much-praised as one of the very best in the USA. It is very fast, undulating and demanding - everyone should have it. When you
have read 'The Last Open Road' by BS (Bert) Levy you will also want both the original 1948 Watkins Glen and also the original Elkart Lake road circuit
which are both central to this brilliant book.