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Latest Track released is Beal Valley 60s by Kelllaaa (-XK-)
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 wcam  Great track you can really attack with some great cambers and bumps. Excellent graphics.
 Bill  Just drove this track, a real joy to drive and I agree exellent graphics!
 Iestyn  Yep, heaps of fun even in the honda! Lol, had a great league race here with oAo, top track :-)
 between4and30characters  Historic Italian track with a nice period feel.  Great fun in F2 or '65 cars.
 221teddy  The relatively poor ratings in my opinion are not appropriate. I think this is one of the very best GPL tracks especially for less powerful carsets
like F2, F2 1968, 1965, Tasman 1964 -1966: beautiful textures, a lot of fun to drive, very close to the original race track.