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 Dark  This is the best track ever made! 2009-10-01
 gerald martin  There is no comparison to this track in any sim out there.I drank a few glasses of wine and took off in a 1965 Ferrari .I got about
half way through the lap ,spun out a few times and couldn't tell whether I was coming or going!!! I mean you drive in the country for a while and then
fly threw some town !! It's great I;m stunned that this has been replecated.I cant wait for the 67 mod with sports cars.
 MotorSportBaz  I was in Sicily last year and drove a hire car around the Targa course. How drivers could have maintained concentration and endured the g-forces of
all those unending corners in the heat and hysteria of Sicily is hard to imagine. This is an excellent replica of the monster-long course and I can
see why Ginetto needed a degree of support to actually complete the massive workload involved. He should get a medal ! It is a stupendous achievement
to have created this track for us all to enjoy. Thanks again Ginetto you are a hero.
 between4and30characters  Rivaling Jim Pearson's tracks in quality, this is a must have!
 philster1949  Great job, all of you who built this track. I can't imagine the effort and research time you put into it, but it is really superb! Thank you! 2013-01-12
 wahoo98k  So I keep getting an error when installing saying targa.dat source file is corrupt. Ive downloaded it over 5 times in 3 browsers, any other mirrors
available? Really want to get this track, thanks!
 221teddy  From a graphic/texture point of view one of the best tracks at all. Incredible details regarding buildings, roads, landscape and so on. Even though I
do not like to drive such rally like long tracks, this is the Mount Everest of GPL.