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I am unable to install this track. When I try to install it, I get a message that says "no gpl.exe" file found.  Where is the base
directory."  Well, all the .exe files for all the mods I have are in the gpl folder and I guess you would say it's the "base directory."  I
have downloaded a number of other tracks.  Sometimes I have seen messages similar to this, and I open the zip folder and copy all tracks to a new
folder I create in the tracks folder of GPL.  When I try to open up the Spa '67 folder, I just get referred back to the Track Installer that
lists the dysfunctional path.  I recently downloaded the Mt. Panorama track by copying all the folders to a new track folder as I describe
above.  I then upgraded the resolution in the way that the Spa '67 website says to do after installing the standard Spa '67 track.  The
installer worked with Mt. Panorama but not with Spa '67 in other words.   I see that other people have downloaded the track
successfully.  The pathway I am using is the suggested one c:\Program Files (x86)\SIERRA\GPL. 


This is a follow-up to my comment on installing this new track.  The problem turns out to be that the 1.3 patch that allows the '67 cars to
use longer tracks such as this one assigns a file name of gplc67.exe to start up the '67 cars.  However the installer only looks for gpl.exe
in the gpl directory when it is installing the track.  On a hunch, I made a copy of the gplc67.exe file and then changed the name to
gpl.exe.  The track then continued to install without problems in the Gem+2.5.  I've taken a cruise and it is fun with all the detail. 
I am now going to add the hi-resolution.  Thanks!

 lornebutler  This track is very realistic compared to most others.Having been there many years ago driving this track brings to mind the differences between this
and the old version.
I`m impressed!

 221teddy  IMO the best track of all tracks available for GPL. Probably the best what is possible with the gPL graphic engine.