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 KeithBare  This track is fun, especially while learning it.  I enjoyed ploughing through the Island vegetation.  It was a little bit of a problem to
download the track because my Jzip wasn't compatible with the download.  It did work with a 7zip.  I deleted the Jzp, and downloaded
the 7zip. I had to go the Programs file, open the 7zip icon and chose "open" before I saw a screen that looked like the one posted by the track's
creator on SMZ.  The track exe. wouldn't show in the 7zip until I had deleted the Jzip and downloaded the program.  I have been using the
Jzip for several years with GPL, and it was news to me that it wasn't compatible with these downloads.
 221teddy  Not really a ttrack i like to drive. But the graphics, textures and immersion are outstanding.