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Latest Track released is Bulawayo by Marcos Mirande
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 Bill  Something I made up to handle the database related comments.suggestions
 2008-06-21 13:44:33
 Iestyn  Hi :-)

I have a suggestion - on the setups pages, can the description box be made a bit bigger? Some text is unviewable.... is it just a case of widening the viewable area? There is quite a big area left for description but only a certain amount is actually viewable at the moment.

Also, is it possible to take down any setups? In my haste to start uploading I uploaded three to the TC section which were 67s (oops), race.lo1 at Salz74 and 2 at Vallelunga 1967 (that I then uploaded properly to the 67 section). I'll have a good 67 setup to post for Salz74 in the next few weeks.

Thanks !
 2008-09-02 20:26:08