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Hello all! Old racer back from the dead. My name is Chris Foster. I reside in New York, USA (NOT THE CITY UPSTATE)

I was and still am a big GPL fan. I resently reinstalled GPL and am falling in love all over again! (yes sad but true!)

years ago I lost all my files for GPL and was wondering if I colud have a link to the Strava Slot tracks. Unfortunitly the link in the Database doesn't work anymore. If that link does not exist could I beg one of you to send me the tracks.

Also can anyone tell me a good server to start racing online with I feel so lost right now withh all the mods and add-on's it's great but alot to start over with. Well thanks for the help in advance anbd thaks for making getting cought up with GPl that much easyier with your web site. It has been a great help!!! Your Friend in Racing Chris!

 2009-01-05 09:44:30
 burnsy865  Hi Chris. I did the same thing about 6 months ago regarding a reinstall and GPL is now my favorite again and is used quite a lot. As for the tracks you are after, I don't really know which ones you mean but I have quite a lot of them backed up on a hard drive so if you want to email me a list at I will be happy to send you what I have. This site crashed about a month or so ago and the links are being fixed up so they may be working in the future. The new mods are fantastic, especially the 69 mod, you can find a lot of help at the RSC Forums, there are still quite a lot of helpful people active there that seem to be able to sort out anything GPL related.  2009-01-08 17:08:49
 Bill  Working on fixing the slotcar tracks, hope to have that fixed soon.
As far as where to race goes you can join the public races on vroc or see GPL links for leagues to join :)
Welcome back!!
 2009-01-10 09:33:04