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Hi there...

Can I download those tracks availiable here, to drive them in GPL,

or just the setups ????

Can´t find how to download a track ???!!!!

Too stupid ???? :-)


thanx, flatty

 2009-02-08 02:31:51
 Bill  Yes you can, use the search alphabet or advanced search options for searching tracks.

 2009-02-09 17:04:23



i think, that works...

 2009-02-10 02:25:10

Hi Sergio Loro or another friend to answer to my inquiry

I could download the program 3DSimED finally. Now I need if you can explain me how use  this program to convert tracks from GTR2 (Alastaro (Finland), Carthage (Tunis) to F1 Challenge 99-02. Can be it?. I want to have the track of Carthage (Tunis) for F1 Challenge 99-02. This track is used for GTR2 at moment. Have you this track for F1 Challenge 99-02?. I wait your help.
Klaudio from Buenos Aires, Argentina

 2011-01-25 08:40:53