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Hello all

I question how i can get permisssions from  authors of tracks

I want permisssion to this tracks

Hockenheimring 1967 

Fast Tommi ,Monaco

I want convert tracks for GTR.2 game

 2009-03-27 09:49:55
 burnsy865  Try SRMZ forum, also Fast Tommi has a website for night GPL tracks, not sure if there is any contact info there.  2009-03-28 08:22:23
 Bill  Yep, place a post at SRMZ, I know Tommi will give the permissions don't know about the author of Hock tho
 2009-03-28 12:18:39
 GPLYannick  you maybe also could register for this site.  2010-09-25 13:04:28