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Forums >General Discussion> targa florio download not evident
 EvilGrin  I cannot find any link on the Targa Florio track download pages which actually downloads the track.  It could be that I am a complete idiot, (not unknown)  but I have as carefully as I can, scanned the two pages presented after clicking on "Get Track", downloaded every link that I can see (  have the 1.3 update, the GEM+ update, the Dino 206 skin, the Targa Trainer.... ) , and I see no track...   Is there any such link? I would be grateful for an actual link to download, if anyone has  it, or send rar/zip to my email ??


 2010-01-01 22:59:38
 Bill  Its at the bottom of page 2, you can either click the photo's or the links between them :)
 2010-01-10 12:25:31