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 peterK  Hi there,
I just downloaded the demo, and some tracks from here. But, unfortunately only two of number I downloaded are working (Montjuic and Osterreichring 1970). I tried to add new events in season - does not work. I also tried to download a orig (from the original game season) tracks (here links redirect to game store)  from another website, but I downloaded "updates" and game cannot load the track.  What can I do? Buy a full game?
The same is with 69 mod. I can't see it anywhere after installing??

Thanks for any help.
 2010-03-31 06:44:58
 burnsy865   You need to download and install a program called Gem+. There is a link here under the links tab I think and if you have any problems head to the SRMZ, link should be here also, it is full of people willing to help so you will get it sorted.   2010-04-06 20:15:51