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Hello all,

My name is Shawn and I'm a little new to GPL. I've played the game in the past but was to hard to drive so I put it away for a long time. Well I just discovered the GPLPS site and was amazed at how far the game has come with the hard work of so many folks, I would like to say "thank you" to those who made GPL possible on newer machines. My question is--where do I start to play the updated version of GPL? and what d/l's and patches will I need to enjoy the "new" Gran Prix Legends.


 2010-06-25 10:34:15
 burnsy865  Head on over to and you will find an excellent guide, you will also find a great bunch of people willing to answer any question you may have.  2010-07-03 02:29:03
 Speedgirl  Hello Shawn,
I am new myself and what I've found is a wonderful community of dedicated and friendly people!
What I've done was to go to the GPL Mods page and start from there. Firstly I downloaded the GPL installer and installed GPL through it. It was a breeze. Then I installed 'Gem' which is a wonderful program for launching your mods and editing just about everything. Then I downloaded the 1965 through 1969 Mods including patches. Make sure to read the readme for each as it explains which tracks you will need to run the mod. You will have plenty of tracks to start with right away.

Good luck to you and welcome

Deirdre Higgins
 2010-09-21 17:29:12