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I am a new member.

I have registered and have a user name and password, I log on, and can see that I am logged on, but am not being allowed to download a track. I particularly want to download Leguna Seca, for sentimental reasons, I raced there a good few times in the past, so why am I being blocked from downloading the track.

Eamonn Nolan

 2013-12-10 07:14:52
 Curno  I am not a new member...!
 and I have this problem for first time to Trenton.
If I can post here, that confirm I am registered, so, what's the problem...??
Thank's for your answer.

Patrick Cornu
champion F1Legend 2014
 2016-06-10 18:27:22
 cmlean  Hi

I would like to download the revised Spa 67 circuit to replace the default Papyrus version however the links do not appear to be functioning. The link send me to the redirection page and then to SRMZ where it comes up as a driver error. This also occurs if I try another track in the 'S' search. I am a member of both sites and logged in at the time.

Could he problem be at my end as I am using a Windows XP machine for GPL or is there something between here and SRMZ causing the issue? 

 2017-12-07 17:39:18