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 LoosMoose  I guess I am the bonehead, butI have looked all over for insformation on how to install the tracks. I have GEM+ working, the 69 season works, and I go in and see all the track names, seasons etc... but have not found the magic words to make the changes. Can you please point me to where the information to do this is please?   Thanks in advance.  2010-05-28 18:38:59
 burnsy865  Head over here and see if you find any answers. If you still have problems just ask at SRMZ and someone will help you sort it. I haven't much time right now but off the top of my head when you start Gem, click on "seasons" and you can add new tracks using the arrow buttons in the middle.  2010-06-02 04:26:06

OK, thanks....  that is pretty much what I did. I know I need to have the track already downloaded... and I did manage to get one track to move over into the season and could access it there... but I am not exactly clear how I did it : (

I will keep trying,


 2010-06-05 22:29:10