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 robwmack  Hello!

I have just been updating my own track database to make sure it is alignment with this site and to my horror I discovered a number of errors on this site.

I will try to summarize those errors below.

1. There is no search criteria for tracks classified as "Hillclimb". The affects the following tracks:

Goodwood Hillclimb
Harewood Hillclimb

2. Long Beach 1976 is shown as a Racetrack rather than a City Circuit. This is inconsistent as Long Beach 1995 is shown as a City Circuit.

3. There is no search criteria for tracks classified as "Street Circuits". The affects the following tracks:

Monte Claros

4. There are a number of tracks showing the Circuit Type as "Race Track". The space between "Race" and "Track" is inconsistent with the search criteria "Racetrack" and so these tracks do not show up in a search. The tracks affected are:

Pacific Raceway

5, Daytona Road Course is shown as an "Oval" when it really should be a "Race Track (Oval Infield)".

6. Savanna Harbour is shown as a "Fantasy Track". Should it not be a "Real Track"?

As I am a new member of this site and this is one of my favourite sites I am willing to overlook these errors as long as they are corrected in a timely fashion.

Warmest Regards,

R.W. (Bob) Mackenzie, P.Eng.

P.S. As my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek, please do not take offense at my rather stuffy post.

 2010-09-02 18:19:12
 robwmack  Just one more item:

7. The Birmingham night track under Track Type just says "Track" instead of :Real Track"'

Not bad really for such a huge database.

Keep up the good work!
 2010-09-02 21:29:09
 Bill  Hey thx for that information, I will fix pronto :)  2012-10-05 21:09:34