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 Darren McLachlan  Hi all,
I'm having a problem getting the Avusnite track from the track database.  The link works, and the download works, but it installs Avus50s instead of Avusnite.  Is there anywhere else I can get this track?

Thanks in advance.
 2014-01-16 22:09:40
 Darren McLachlan  I worked out how to get the track working.  I installed it as Avus50s and changed the name of the track folder to avusnite.  Then I changed the shortname to avusnite in the track.ini file, and finally, I renamed the .dat file to avusnite.dat and it works now.

Having done all this, it makes me wonder how many gpler's have gotten this track to work?
 2014-01-17 04:27:47